Mahnomen ISD #432

School Board Minutes February 11, 2013

FEBRUARY 11, 2013 

CALL TO ORDER at 6:05 pm by Jim DeVries in the High School Media Center.

ROLL CALL Board Members Present:  Jim DeVries, David VanDenEinde, Judy Hanson, Jonathan Large, Jon McArthur and Greg LaVoy. Staff participating at the table were: Superintendent Jeff Bisek, High School Principal Ramona Miller and Elementary Principal Jacob Melby.

Staff and visitors in attendance:  Mahnomen Pioneer Representative, Jen Jurina, KRJM Radio, Ken Flaten, Stephen Funk, Lori Handyside, and Ag Student Teacher Jenna Cardinal.   



MOTION BY McArthur to approve the agenda with additions.  SECONDED BY Hanson. VOTE-u/c




MOTION BY VanDenEinde to approve the January 14, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes as presented as well as approving the monthly financial claims for February 11 totaling $113,900.04 with check numbers 66545-66608 and Payables totaling $1,530.00 with check numbers 66540-66544 additional payments for February 11, 2013 totaling $33,956.71 with check numbers 66629-66658 whereby the February total amount of bills paid is; $149,386.75 and also approve this action to recognize and accept the donations as follows; $224 from Arvig Enterprises.  SECONDED BY Large.    VOTE-u/c


COMMUNICATIONS-Thank you notes



Federal Funds-NAFIS Conference March 3-5; Testing-MCA Math on-line testing window open; ALC-Report Submitted; Personnel Committee-MSBA Negotiation Seminar; Meet & Confer-January meeting postponed to February 26; BRIC-Minutes from January 15th meeting and 2012 child counts; MSBA-Winter Conference report; MREA-MREA advocacy for schools serving American Indian students; Safety Committee- Minutes from February 7th meeting; School Board-Principal Evaluations.


ADMINISTRATION REPORTS-Elementary Principal Report-What’s Happened, What’s Going to Happen, Accelerated Reader, Attendance and Discipline Referrals.

High School Principal Report-State Survey, Honors, Thanks, Perfect Attendance, Youth Frontiers, Conferences and Attendance. 

Superintendent Report:  Enrollment; 2012-2013 Finance Update


MOTION BY McArthur to respond to the non-concurrent resolution of the committee by re-stating the committee concerns/recommendations and providing District responses.  


Recommendations of the Title VII Parent Committee along with the District’s response to each of the concerns;

Mahnomen Public Schools places a priority on helping students achieve academic goals so they can successful graduate and pursue post-secondary goals. Priority has been placed on helping students receive the necessary credits for graduation and in improving student reading, math and writing skills. The current emphasis of the Title VII program has been to provide academic supports to those students at risk of failing courses by providing tutoring supports in both the classroom and tutor room environment. With that perspective in mind the district also recognizes the importance of the local culture of the community in its responses to the Title VII Parent Committee’s recommendations after the committee’s vote of non-concurrence.

  1. There is a need to infuse Native American culture into the day-to-day education.  This would include history, music, and language.
    1. The school requests assistance from the White Earth Tribal Education Dept. and the Parent Committee to identify approved curriculum materials and resources that could be incorporated into different subject areas where applicable. The district has set academic skill development and credit completion as a priority.
    2. The district will survey staff on current curriculum with Native American components as a starting point.
    3. The school will survey students that currently utilize Title VII services to help determine future needs.


  1. Teachers need additional training and in-service revolving on cultural issues: history tribal government, historical trauma.
    1. The current staff development plan has an emphasis on implementing AYP improvement goals mandated by the state in Reading and Math.
    2. Future staff development plans will include Native American cultural awareness as one of the staff development goals.


  1. There should be a Native American club.
    1. The district is in favor of establishing a Native American student club if an advisor is available and asks the Parent Committee for help in finding one.
    2. The district would like to encourage the development of a quiz bowl team and other culturally appropriate activities for this organization.


  1. There needs to be more input from American Indian parents.
    1. The district also would like to see more parental involvement and requests assistance from the Parent Committee to find more ways to seek out and encourage increased parent and community involvement. The district is open to suggestions.
    2. The school will include posting information on its website as an additional tool to communicate with families.


  1. A greater use of community resources needs to be happening in the school: use of tribal college, elders, and professionals.
    1. School staff has suggested creating a list of community resource people that they could contact for assistance. The Parent Committee and White Earth Tribal Education Dept. can assist by giving suggestions of potential resource people.


  1. There needs to be a Native American coordinator.
    1. Current budget constraints would require reallocation of revenues to fund a new position. Tenure and licensing statutes would need to be followed based on the position’s job description. The district is willing to assign coordinator/director job duties to the current Title VII positions.



Review of Calendar Draft


Northwest MN Council of Collaborative Annual Membership

MOTION BY Hanson to approve the annual membership and dues of $1,350 to Northwest MN Council of Collaborative for Year 2013 as presented.   SECONDED BY LaVoy.  VOTE-u/c

Art Credit

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to approve the following courses as meeting the required Art elective credit for graduation:  Metal Art, Graphic Media, CAD, Quilting & Fabrics.  SECONDED BY Large.  VOTE-u/c

Reading Institute

MOTION BY McArthur to approve out of state travel for teachers to attend The Reading & Writing Project Summer Institute in July, 2013.  SECONDED BY Hanson.    

MOTION BY McArthur to Amend the previous motion as follows:  Approve out of state travel for teachers to attend The Reading & Writing Project Summer Institute in July, 2013 and add one teacher to the ASCD Conference March 13-16, 2012 in Chicago.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c



Approval of Spring Sports Coaches

MOTION BY LaVoy to approve the naming of the Spring 2013 Coaching Assignments as presented.  Boys Track – Ed Snetsinger - Head Coach, Stephen Funk – Assistant, Paul Clark – Jr. High; Girls Track – TBA – Head Coach, Stephen Funk – Assistant, Paul Clark – Jr. High; Boys Golf – Steve McMullen – Head Coach, Brent Hoffner – Assistant; Girls Golf – Derek Aus – Head Coach, Diane Spaeth – JH Coach; Baseball – Mark Gulseth – Head Coach, Dan Kohler – Assistant; Softball – Dave Varriano – Head Coach, Sarah Levebre – Assistant, Brent Miller – JH Coach.    SECONDED BY Large.  VOTE-u/c

Resignations & Retirements

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to approve the resignation of assistant track coach Margaret McMullen effective February 11, 2013 with a “Thank You” for her service.  SECONDED BY McArthur.   VOTE-u/c

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to approve the resignation due to retirement of teacher William Rutherford effective June 1, 2013 and extend a “Thank You” for his service.  SECONDED BY McArthur.  VOTE-u/c

Teacher Lane Changes

MOTION BY Hanson to approve the lane change request of Steve McMullen for a move from the BA to the BA+15 lane.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c


MOTION BY VanDenEinde to appove a three (3) year Superintendent Contract with Jeff Bisek.   SECONDED BY McArthur.   VOTE-u/c


MOTION BY McArthur to adjourn the meeting at 7:13 p.m.   SECONDED BY LaVoy.  VOTE- u/c


RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:                                                APPROVED BY:

____________________________                                        ______________________________

Judy Hanson, Clerk                                                                Presiding Officer on date of approval Public School District #432              

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