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School Board Minutes August 12, 2013




     August 12, 2013


CALL TO ORDER at 6:00 pm by Jim DeVries in the Superintendent’s Office.

ROLL CALL Board Members Present:  Jim DeVries, David VanDenEinde, Jonathan Large, Greg LaVoy, Judy Hanson and Jon McArthur.  Staff participating at the table were:  Superintendent Jeff Bisek, Elementary Principal Jacob Melby and Secretary Delane Schaumburg.   

Staff and visitors in attendance:  Mahnomen Pioneer Representative, Jennifer Jurina, KRJM Radio, Ken Flaten, Kristin Johnson and Deb Neisen.   



MOTION BY Hanson to approve the agenda with additions.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde. VOTE-u/c




MOTION BY McArthur to approve the July 8, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes and the July 22, 2013 Special Meeting Minutes as presented as well as monthly financial claims for July 22, 2013 totaling $111,753.16 with check numbers 67331-67377, Payables totaling $20,394.00 with check numbers 67320 and 67330 and Electronic Transfers totaling $12,949.97; August 12, 2013 totaling $120,131.65 with check numbers 67378-67423 and additional payments for August 12, 2013 totaling $63,455.13 with check numbers 67433-67456 and Electronic Transfers totaling $14,840.57 whereby the August total amount of bills paid is $198,427.35, and also approve this action to recognize and accept the following donations-None.  SECONDED BY Large.   VOTE-u/c


COMMUNICATIONS-School Board Association Winter Conference January 16 and 17.       



Federal Funds- Fall NAFIS Conference September 22-24th; Region I-June 2th Minutes, MSBA- Summer Seminar Update, MREA-Regional meeting 7:00 p.m. September 11 in TRF, Technology Committee-Staff Synergy Training August 22 and August 26th


ADMINISTRATION REPORTS-Elementary Principal-What’s Happened and What’s Going to Happen.   Superintendent Report:  Technology and I-Pads, Summer Projects Update, Fieldtrip Procedures an Principal Evaluation Plan.



Accepting Product Bids for FY~14-

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to approve the apparent low qualifying product bids as follows;

Dairy:  Land-O-Lakes

Bread:   Sara Lee

Wood Chips:   Hillside Lumber Inc.

Snow Removal:    Stanley Gunderson  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c


2013-2014 Student Handbooks

MOTION BY McArthur to approve the 2013-14 Elementary, High School, and ALC Student Handbooks as presented.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c



Authorizing School and Meetings on Columbus Day- October 14, 2013

MOTION BY Large to acknowledge that this school district does not deem Columbus Day as a holiday whereby allowing this district to conduct school and public meetings on this date.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c

Resolution Authorizing a New Board Approved Referendum Authority.

MEMBER VanDenEinde introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption:    

            BE IT RESOLVED, by the School Board of Independent School District No. 432, State of Minnesota as follows:

  1. 1.Current Authority. The District has no current voter approved referendum authority.
  2. 2.Approval of New Authority. Pursuant to Minnesota Statues, Section 126C.17, subdivision 9a, the Board hereby determines to authorize a new Board approved referendum authority in the amount of $300 per adjusted pupil unit. This new Board approved referendum authority shall be further adjusted based on final pupil unit data. It is the intention of the Board to create maximum authority for which it is eligible, not to exceed $300 per adjusted pupil unit. This new Board approved referendum authority, as adjusted, shall be applicable for five years, beginning with taxes payable in 2014. The Board may subsequently reauthorize the Board approved referendum authority in increments of up to five years.
  3. 3.This resolution has been adopted after June 30, 2013 and before October 1, 2013. The clerk is authorized and directed to submit a copy of the adopted resolution to the Minnesota Department of Education as soon as reasonably practicable after its adoption, but in no event later than September 30, 2013.

            The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly SECONDED BY Hanson. On roll call vote, the following VOTED in favor:  LaVoy, Hanson, DeVries, Large, VanDenEinde and McArthur.

and the following voted against:  None. 

whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.

Action to Update the School District Policies

MOTION BY Large to approve the MSBA recommended revisions of the following policies due to best practice, recent statute, or court case action; 601, 603, 604, 613M, and 616.  SECONDED BY McArthur.  VOTE-u/c

MSBA Annual Membership

MOTION BY Greg to approve the annual membership and pay dues of $3,661 to Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) for FY13-14 as presented.  SECONDED BY Large.  VOTE-u/c

Mahube Headstart Catering Agreement

MOTION BY Hanson to approve the Mahube Headstart Catering Agreement for the 2013-2014 program year as presented.   SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c.

Calendar Change – Half-day In-service

MOTION BY McArthur to change the district calendar to allow an early dismissal date set by administration for staff Synergy technology in-service.  SECONDED BY LaVoy.  VOTE-u/c.




MOTION BY Hanson to hire Roberta Bryngelson as Special Education Teacher for the 2013-14 school year.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c.

MOTION BY LaVoy to hire Jackie Haugo as Para-Professional for the 2013-2014 school year.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c. 

Teacher Lane Change

MOTION BY McArthur to approve the lane change request of Sarah Smart for a move from the BA+30 to the MA lane.  SECONDED BY Hanson.   VOTE-u/c.

MOTION BY McArthur to approve the lane change request of Kathryn Stronstad for a move from  the BA+45 to the BA+60 lane.   SECONDED BY Hanson.   VOTE-u/c.  


MOTION BY McArthur to adjourn the meeting at 6:49 p.m.   SECONDED BY Large.  VOTE- u/c


RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:                                                APPROVED BY:

____________________________                                        ______________________________

Judy Hanson, Clerk                                                                Presiding Officer on date of approval Public School District #432              

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