Mahnomen ISD #432

School Board Minutes April 14, 2014

APRIL 14, 2014


CALL TO ORDER at 6:00 pm by Jim DeVries in the High School Media Center.

ROLL CALL Board Members Present:  Jim DeVries, David VanDenEinde, Jonathan Large, Jon McArthur, Judy Hanson and Greg LaVoy. Staff participating at the table were: Superintendent Jeff Bisek, High School Principal Ramona Miller, Elementary Principal Jacob Melby and Secretary Delane Schaumburg.

Staff and visitors in attendance:  Debra Neisen, Alicia Schoenborn, Amy Houdek, Sandy Haddeland, Margaret McMullen, Mahnomen Pioneer Representative, Jen Jurina, Lynda Wadena and Amanda Podlak.   



MOTION BY Hanson to approve the agenda with additions.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde. VOTE-u/c

VISITORS/PRESENTERS IN ATTENDANCE SPEAKING AT THIS MEETING. Parent/staff member made positive comments regarding elementary swimming program. 



MOTION BY McArthur to approve the March 10, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes as well as the March 24, 2014 and April 8, 2014 Special Meeting Minutes presented as well as approving the monthly financial claims for April 14, 2014 totaling $146,375.31 with check numbers 68418-68514 and Payables totaling $13,800.18 with check numbers 68410-68417 and Electronic Transfers totaling $91,805.74, additional payments for April 14, 2014 totaling $15,879.77 with check numbers 68535-68563 whereby the April total amount of bills paid is $267,861.00 and also approve this action to recognize and accept the donations as follows; $2,000.00 from White Earth Tribal Council for Athletics, $250.00 from Arvig, and $1,409.80 from Coca Cola.  SECONDED BY McArthur.    VOTE-u/c


COMMUNICATIONS-Thank you cards.



Student Representative-New Student Council members next month, Prom – May 3rd, National and State Conventions; Testing-MCA testing has started; ALC-report submitted;  Personnel Committee-Interviews for High School Principal; Meet & Confer-Report on April 8, 2014 meeting; Region 1-Minutes January 30, 2014 Board meeting; BRIC-Minutes March 18, 2014 meeting; Safety Committee-April 10, 2014 Minutes submitted; School Board-Teacher Evaluation Plan. 


ADMINISTRATION REPORTS-Elementary Principal Report-What’s Happened, What’s Going to Happen, Attendance and Discipline Referrals.

High School Principal Report-FFA State Contest, Section Speech, Attendance, NHS-Blood Drive, Semester Tests – June 3rd & 4th for 7th through 11th grades only, May 2nd – Parent Group sponsoring Fun Night for 7th and 8th graders.

Superintendent Report:  Enrollment, 2013-2014 Finance Update, BRIC Annual meeting, State Legislation, Retirement Party – June 5th.  



Summer 2014 Building Improvements

MOTION BY McArthur to accept the quote from Grivette Environmental Management, LLC for the removal of floor tile in the elementary hallway & office for the total sum of $21,400.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c

MOTION BY Hanson to accept the quote from Scholastic Equipment Company LLC for installation of elementary flooring for the total sum of $29,845.58.  SECONDED BY LaVoy.  VOTE-u/c

MOTION BY Large to accept the quote from Embury, Ltd for shelving of elementary library for the total sum of $18,571.92.  SECONDED BY LaVoy.  VOTE-u/c

MOTION BY Large to accept the quote from Steamatic for the cleaning of the High School ductwork for the total sum of $18,832.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c

Extended Fieldtrip Request

MOTION BY McArthur to approve the extended fieldtrip request from the FFA to attend the MN State FFA Convention in St. Paul, April 27-29, 2014.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c

Interquest Detection Canines Contract

MOTION BY Hanson to approve the purchase of the Service Agreement with Interquest Detection Canines of Northern Minnesota for the 2014-15 School Year as presented.  SECONDED BY Large.  VOTE-           u/c

Calling for Bus Transportation Service Quotes

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to call for written quotations for Pupil Transportation Services for School Years 2014-15 and 2015-16.  SECONDED BY McArthur.  VOTE-       u/c



Resignations & Retirements;

MOTION BY Large to approve the resignation due to retirement of teacher, Carolyn Worden, effective June 6, 2014 and extend a “Thank You” for her service.  SECONDED BY McArthur.  VOTE-u/c

Request for Medical Leave;

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to grant one-month medical leave to Deb Svendsgaard per physician’s request.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c

Teacher Lane Changes; 

MOTION BY Hanson to approve the lane change request of Derek Aus for a move from the BA+45 to the MA lane.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde.  VOTE-u/c

MOTION BY McArthur to approve the lane change request of Steve McMullen for a move from the BA+30 to the MA lane.  SECONDED BY Large.  VOTE-u/c


MOTION BY McArthur to adjourn the meeting at 6:50 p.m.   SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE- u/c


RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:                                                APPROVED BY:

____________________________                                        ______________________________

Judy Hanson, Clerk                                                                Presiding Officer on date of approval Public School District #432              

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