Mahnomen ISD #432

School Board Minutes September 14th, 2015

September 14, 2015


CALL TO ORDER at 6:00 pm by Jim DeVries in the High School Media Center.

ROLL CALL Board Members Present:  Jim DeVries,Jon McArthur, David VanDenEinde, Nicole Ose, Melissa Buck and Judy Hanson.  Staff participating at the table were: Superintendent Jeff Bisek, High School Principal Brian Michaelson, Elementary Principal Jake Melby and District Secretary Delane Schaumburg.

Staff and visitors in attendance: Debra Neisen, Jenna Cardinal, Lori Handyside, Margaret McMullen, Kristin Johnson, Amy Houdek, Linda Long, Jill Bisek, Lynda Wadena, Daniel Lefstad, Jennifer Jurina,  Justine Haugo, Tricia McNamee, Michael Larson and Mahnomen Pioneer Representative, Sue Kraft. 



MOTION BY Hanson to approve the agenda with additions.  SECONDED BY VanDenEinde. VOTE-u/c

VISITORS/PRESENTERS IN ATTENDANCE SPEAKING AT THIS MEETING-Sue Kraft-Flag Edict Curriculum, Linda Long, Daniel Lefstad and Jennifer Jurina-request for 3rd section of Kindergarten, Ronda Estey-Indian Education Coordinator, Brian Michaelson and Jake Melby-PBIS Presentation.



MOTION BY McArthur to approve the August 10, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes and the September 1, 2015 Special Meeting Minutes as presented as well as monthly financial claims for September 14, 2015 totaling $223,446.16 with check numbers 70708-70782, September 14, 2015 Add Bills totaling $46,712.34 with check numbers 70783-70817 whereby the September total amount of bills paid is $270,158.50 and also approve this action to recognize and accept the donations as follows; Viking Coca-Cola - $7,000.00– General Fund.  SECONDED BY Hanson.    VOTE-u/c




Student Representatives-7th Grade Orientation and Homecoming; Federal Funds-NAFIS Fall Conference-September 27-29, Mr. Bisek is attending; Meet and Confer-Set up Meeting Time; Region 1-Minutes July 23, 2015; BRIC-Minutes August 1, 2015; MSBA-MSBA Fall Regional Meeting, September 22nd in TRF at 5:00 pm; MREA-Fall Regional Meeting, Sept. 24th in TRF at 7:00 pm; School Board-Early Childhood space. 


ADMINISTRATION REPORTS-Elementary Principal Report-What’s Happened, What’s Going to Happen, MCA Testing Results, Class Numbers; High School Principal Report-Highlights of Last Month, Up and Coming Events.  Superintendent-Good start to year, Enrollment, Policy on licensing College Credit. 


Acknowledgement of Annual Impact Aid Hearing Meeting

MOTION BY McArthur to acknowledge receipt and review of the September 10, 2015 Impact Aid Public Hearing minutes as well as the review of policy 903.1.  SECONDED BY Hanson.    VOTE-u/c



2015 Payable 2016 Property Tax Levy and Date of the Final Certification Action

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to hereby set the proposed 2015 payable 2016 tax levy at the maximum formula allowable amount with it being understood that the final levy certification and current year budget review will be during the 6 p.m. regular board meeting on December 14, 2015.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c

Naming the Local Education Agency Representative regarding Public Law 107-110 for the 2015-16 School Year

MOTION BY Buck to name Superintendent Jeff Bisek to act as the local agency representative (LEA) for PL 107-110 for the 2015-16 school year.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c

ISD 432 “Red Flags Rule” Plan

MOTION BYOse to name Delane Schaumburg as the local Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “Red Flag Rule” compliance person.  SECONDED BY McArthur.  VOTE-u/c

White Earth Head Start Catering Agreement

MOTION BY Ose to approve the White Earth Head Start Catering Agreement for the 2015-16 program year as presented.  SECONDED BY Buck.  VOTE-u/c

Revision of Policies 496M

MOTION BY VanDenEinde approve the modification of Policy 496M with rate changes to substitute teacher pay being set at $110 full day and $65 half day.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c

Extended Field-trip Request

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to approve the extended field-trip request from FFA to attend the National Convention in Louisville, KY October 27-Novembr 1, 2015, Tour Capital in St. Paul, MN February 24-26, 2016 and the Minnesota State FFA Convention in St. Paul, MN April 24-26, 2016.  SECONDED BY Ose.  VOTE-u/c

Identifying the Local Official with Authority

MOTION BY Hanson to name Superintendent Jeff Bisek the Local Official with Authority to authorize user access to MDE secure websites for Mahnomen Public School District.  SECONDED BY Buck.  VOTE-u/c


MOTION BY Hanson to hire Kristi Walz as Cook’s Assistant for the 2015-16 school year effective September 8, 2015.  SECONDED BY Ose  VOTE-u/c

MOTION BY McArthur to hire Tom Simon as Paraprofessional for the 2015-16 school year.  SECONDED BY Hanson.  VOTE-u/c

Teacher Lane Changes;

MOTION BY VanDenEinde to approve the lane change request of Margaret McMullen for a move from the MA to the MA+15 lane.  SECONDED AS Buck.  VOTE-u/c

MOTION BY McArthur to approve the lane change request of Patrick Starbeck for a move from the BA+15 to the BA+45 lane.  SECONDED AS Buck. VOTE-u/c



MOTION BY Buck to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m.   SECONDED BY Ose.  VOTE-u/c


RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:                                     APPROVED BY:

____________________________                                        ______________________________

Judy Hanson, Clerk                                                                 Presiding Officer on date of approval Public School District #432              


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