Mahnomen ISD #432

Title VI Parent Advisory Committee Meeting August 15, 2018

Title VI Parent Advisory Committee Meeting August 15, 2018 at the Mahnomen Elementary Conference Room Meeting was called to order by President Sarah Snetsinger at 5:45 pm. Present – Parent Committee members Desiree Linden, Sarah Snetsinger; School Board Representative, Jon McArthur; Administration Kevin Hedstrom; Indian Education Team – Aimee Pederson; 2 Guests: Virginia Smith and Kris Manning. A quorum was not established. The last meeting held in July was just a working meeting. Minutes were not taken for this meeting. Financial Report: No changes since May meeting Program Report: No updates – no activities since May meeting JOM update provided by Kris Manning and Virginia Smith. Quorum was established at 6:35 pm. Parent Committee member Joan LaVoy present. New Business The American Indian Education (State) Aid Indian Education Program Plan was present and reviewed. Motion made by Joan LaVoy to accept the plan with data updates made when this information is available, 2nd by Desiree Linden. Motion carried. No Old Business Other: Jon provided a personnel update – currently recruiting staff for paraprofessionals and kitchen. Currently there are concerns for the kitchen as they only have 3 staff. Last year there were 5 staff to be able to provide breakfast, lunch and snack after school. Staff are needed to be able to continue to offer a snack after school. Discussion on Title VI Funding – the new regulation will only count student who mark they are American Indian. If student selects 2 or more races they will not be counted for this funding. There is a large population with 2 or more races at Mahnomen School, so this could greatly affect funding. This is being discussed with the state as well. Working the Jess, Business Manager for MHS. Budget will be received more frequently so can stay on top of the budget. Sarah stated that White Earth is the recipient of Project Launch funding. This will provide opportunity for MH services for families with children 0-8. The grant will focus on community mental health services and not individual services. At this time the Outreach School Home Liaison position has not been filled. There was interviews but no acceptance by the candidates. This position will remain open until filled. Minutes submitted by Sarah Snetsinger Minutes revised 9/20/2018 by Sarah Snetsinger
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