PBIS Initiative
Mahnomen School Working Hard to Make a Difference

A few years ago behavioral referrals were at a high at Mahnomen Public Schools.  Teachers were noting many disruptive behaviors and many students with an overall lack of respect for peers and staff alike.  Staff began to collaborate about how to change the environment and what more could be done to go the extra mile in building positive relationships with students. It was quickly determined that if our students do not know how to follow school expectations, we must teach them the same as we would teach any other subject area. If they are not taught, how can we expect them to know?

This conversation led to the formation and adoption of a model called Positive Behavior Intervention Systems-or PBIS.  PBIS is an approach that schools can use to improve school safety and promote positive behavior. It is also a way for schools to develop and implement strategies to respond to student behaviors, create positive relationships and connect with students at various levels and through a variety of avenues. Mahnomen Public School's PBIS matrix or "theme" is called Tribe Pride.

P-roud, R-espectful, I-nvolved, D-edicated, E-ducated.

PBIS has a few important principles:

  • Every child can learn proper behavior.
  • Stepping in early can prevent more serious behavior problems.
  • Each child is different and schools need to provide many kinds of behavior interventions and student support systems.
  • How schools teach behavior should be based on research and science.
  • Following a child’s behavioral progress is important.
  • Schools must gather and use data to make decisions about behavior problems.

Have you heard your child talk about Tribe PRIDE or PRIDE points? Maybe you have heard of the Student of the Month initiative? Through Pride Points, students earn Pride slips from staff by showing Tribe Pride in the classroom, in the hallways, towards a staff member, on the bus, etc.  Weekly, monthly, and quarterly PRIDE slip drawings are held as incentives for students who follow the expectations.  

Expectations vary throughout the building, so at the beginning of the school year students are shown expectations around the school such as, bathrooms, lunchrooms, hallways, classroom, buses, etc.  Since adopting PBIS, Mahnomen schools has witnessed a huge reduction in “major type” referrals.  Now that the number of major referrals has been significantly reduced staff can work on more minor type items.  “Since adopting PBIS, I have spent a lot less time dealing with behavior and a lot more time teaching”, says HS Math Teacher Mrs. McMullen.  “Over the last four years we have seen a significant reduction of elementary referrals, suspensions, and truant students, which tells us our school climate is changing for the better”,  according to Elem. Principal Melby.  

The High School has also noticed a huge improvement in their overall climate.  Discipline referrals have dropped every year since starting PBIS and Dean of Students, John Clark Jr says, "We know we still have work to do, but we like what we are seeing so far and that’s the good fight.” 

Check out our 2018-2019 Monthly Tribe Pride Awards!

Sept. Students/Staff of the month
K - Kayleen Gagnon
1st - Tiffani Clark
2nd - Wyatt Alvarado-Hintz   
3rd  - Jayden Thunderhawk
4th - Jadika Blue
5th - Alivia Lafriniere
6th - Aleigha Goodwin
High School-Aaron Norcross, Thomas Fairbanks, James LaVoy-Brunette, John Refshaw

Oct. Students/Staff of the month
K - Brinley Heisler
1st - Chloe Stock
2nd - Hailey DeFoe
3rd - Bella Tibbetts
4th - Thomas Porter
5th - McKenna Bjerk 
6th - Amaris Blue
High School - Sydney Clark, Jon Stone, Emma Accobee, Hallie Busche
Staff - Becky Olson, Jessica Lewis

Nov. Students/Staff of the month
K - Amelia Smith-Romero
1st - Preston rogers
2nd - Livia Jackson
3rd - Jaydah Hagen
4th - Angelo Boswell
5th - Emmarose Leslie 
6th - Tyler Schoenborn
High School - Maddy Doran, Buster Walker, Will Olson, Trevor Neisen
Staff - Kristin Johnson 

Dec. Students/Staff of the month
K - Sophia Simon
1st - Annabelle Lewis-Bachmeier
2nd - Eric Wind, Jr
3rd - George Thompson
4th - Jesus Pineda
5th - Gage Jackson
6th - Trenton Stevens-Straub
High School - Maggie Hedstrom, Max Ose, Sammi Cooper, Taneesha Neeland 
Staff - Margaret McMullen

Jan. Students/Staff of the month
K- Lucy Shields
1st - Keyrian Porter
2nd - Ayden Johnson
3rd - Chase Stock
4th -  Maci Nickaboine
5th - Aliya Kier
6th -  Kristella Neeland
High School -Ava Graff, Adrian Stevens, Hanna Worms, Garret Eiynck

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