What do the letters PBIS stand for?
PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.

What are Pride points?
Pride points are a slip of paper given to a student when they are caught practicing the expectations that we want all students to follow in the school. Our matrix is posted all over the school as a reminder of what is expected.

What do the students do with the pride points when they are given them?
All teachers have a bucket on their desk to collect pride points. They are collected weekly and put into a drawing. Your student may have come home last year with a prize! They are split into categories: PreK-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th-9th, & 10-12th gr. We also do a monthly drawing which is a little bigger. We have played BINGO at quarter break school-wide over the intercom system which has also been a favorite!

Who can hand out pride points?
Any staff member in the school has access to the pride points and can hand them out at any time. Ex: Classroom, recess, hallways, bus, lunchroom, etc.

What is the goal?
Our goal at Mahnomen Public Schools is for all students to learn and understand expectations needed to be successful in school and the real world. 

Mahnomen Public School will promote caring relationships, ownership of behaviors, and mutual respect for all people while providing a foundation for academic success.

Tribe Pride
Proud Respectful Involved Determined Educated

In the…


Do your best work

Take your time

Expect to succeed

Proud of accomplishments

Respect yourself and others

Respect materials and property

Positively participate

Be prepared

Do your best

Attend school daily

Work completed on time

Learn from mistakes

Ask for help

Use your time wisely

Do your own work

In the…



Locker Rooms

Keep hallways/ lockers clean

Report problems

Respect staff, equipment & facilities

Use appropriate voice levels

Keep areas clean

Friendly to peers & staff

Positive language

Be on time to classes & meetings

Wash hands


In the…

Cafeteria & Commons

Be polite

Wait your turn

Clean up your area

Respect equipment & facilities

Say “Please” and “Thank you”

Help others

Wait your turn

Include everyone

Pick up after yourself

Stay in designated area

Eat healthy

Use table manners

Use inside voice








School spirit

Treat equipment with care

Show Sportsmanship

Respect others

Include everyone

Participate safely

Get involved

Challenge yourself

Do your best on and off the court

Strive to improve

Actively listening

Practice good citizenship

Exit appropriately

On/At the…


Bus Stop 

School Vehicle

Keep the bus clean

Appreciate privilege to ride

Respect bus expectations, drivers, passengers

Respect property of others

Be a positive leader

Model good behavior

Keep driver informed

Be on time

Dress appropriately

Practice Bus Safety

Help others

In the World…

At Home

Social Media

Be polite and courteous

Think before you communicate

Be law abiding

Respect others opinions

Use appropriate sites & language

Be kind

Create a bully-free area

Be open-minded

Be positive

Check your sources

Create your own work without plagiarizing

Use technology appropriately

Tribe Pride Nomination form