Parent Committee

District parents play a huge role in voicing what they see as a need for their children. A better understanding of what can be done with the grant monies can be explained and many programs are parent/student driven! Come find out what is currently being done and learn about what more we can do for our Native Students!

Title VI/AMI Parent Committee

  • Chairperson – Sarah Snetsinger

  • Vice Chairperson – Marlene Myhre

  • Secretary –Meredith McArthur

  • Other Members:

    • Vince Olson

    • Joan LaVoy

  • Staff Representative(s):

    • Aimee Pederson

    • Desiree Linden

    • Jeff Bisek

  • School Board Representative(s) – Kim Anderson

  • Student Representatives – Native American Youth Council Officers

Qualifications are:

  • Must be a parent, guardian, grandparent of an Indian child attending Mahnomen School District.

  • Lack of participation (meaning 3 consecutive parent committee meetings without prior notice to the committee Chairperson will result in the committee utilizing its power to dismiss and cancel the committee member’s connection immediately.

  • One classroom teacher for one year term alternating from year to year and until each successive term has expired.

  • The student, administration and teacher representative shall be appointed by the district.

Parent Committee meets the Third Wednesday of each month beginning at 5:30 pm in the High School Library.

JOM Committee

  • Chairperson – Vacant

  • Vice Chairperson - Mackenzie Wark

  • Secretary – Tiffany Blue

  • Other Members: 

    • Jackie Moore

    • Patricia Porter

Qualifications are:

  • Must have a JOM eligible child in the Mahnomen School District.

  • Must be elected by majority vote at the annual committee election.

  • Committee members must serve for 2 years.

JOM committee meets on a monthly basis and meetings are announced by the committee based on majority vote of selected dates.